The Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations work sessions. There are various types of MUN, created to satisfy the practical educational needs of a range of individuals:

students, professionals and managers in the private sector and members of the Armed Forces.

However, all MUNs have certain common goals:

  • To provide a deeper understanding of multilateral diplomacy
  • To strengthen negotiating and leadership skills
  • To improve the ability to anticipale evolving scenarios of complex issues

Participants are required to act like real UN delegates partaking in sessions of various UN committees. Each participant in a committee represents a different country. The delegate has to work, faithfully respecting the assigned country’s standpoint, to obtain the approval of documents that favor the assigned country and the collective interest. Consules has been promoting the MUN culture ever since its foundation. To this end, Consules provides, in collaboration with some of the principal Italian and international research centers, simulations of the United Nations and of the main international organizations. In conjunction with the above, Consules arranges for participants to take part in the major UN simulation projects in existence, reserved for university and high-school students.



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